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Dolce is a natural, zero-calorie, zero-aftertaste sweetener made from the leaf of the stevia plant. Our name comes from the Italian word for “sweet,” but Dolce is so much more.

With no calories, no concern over blood sugar spikes, and no chemical additives, Dolce tastes like freedom. Let go and indulge – add Dolce to sweeten your favorite beverages and recipes and forget about watching your weight, your blood sugar, or that “small print” where nasty chemicals are often concealed. And rejoice – because all this deliciousness comes with none of the bitter aftertaste you might find with other stevia-based sweeteners. Even better - our unique recipe eliminates the need for baking blends or cooking additives. So try Dolce - we hope you’ll agree that it tastes so good, you may just say, “goodbye, sugar!”