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What makes Dolce different?

Our secret recipe eliminates the bitter aftertaste often found in other stevia-based sweeteners. Our two simple, natural ingredients – the leaf of the stevia plant, and erythritol - a natural sugar alcohol from fruit – are artfully blended to give you the sweetness you crave with no aftertaste. Don’t love Dolce? We’ll give you your money back!

What is Erythritol, and why is it in Dolce?

Erythritol is a zero-calorie sugar alcohol produced through fermentation processes. This yummy addition to our recipe is naturally found in grapes and pears, and gives Dolce its consistent texture and flavor. The unique way we blend erythritol and stevia in our recipe gives Dolce its crisp, clean finish – with no aftertaste!

Is Dolce safe for people with diabetes?

Studies say absolutely, yes! Research on the effects of sugars extracted from the stevia plant on blood glucose levels and blood pressure in people with diabetes did not demonstrate any risk from the consumption of stevia sugars (steviol glycosides). But please, always consult with your physician prior to making any dietary changes, including adding the use of Dolce to your diet.